Verticals offer smooth operation, and insulation from the elements. The sleek form suits modern decors that embrace clean, uncluttered lines, while their practicality makes them ideal for sliding doors or larger windows.

To control the level of light in your home or office as well as the degree of privacy tilt the blades of fabric using a chain mechanism or wand unit. Pull the cord or wand and watch the blades neatly stack away to the left, right or even the centre, to reveal the world outside. Close them to block out heat, cold or glare, or have them partially open.

Vertical tracks are made from aluminium and come in five colours – anotec grey, black, grey, magnolia or white and have UV stabilised components with a removable hook.

Vertical fabrics come in 89mm or 127mm with the choice of either chained, chainless or sewn in weights.

Verticals come with a 5 year warranty on components and fabric, terms and conditions apply.

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